Our House Annual Report 2014

For the second consecutive year, Our House was ranked number 2 in The Oregonian’s Top Workplaces, Small Company category. This year over 1000 companies throughout the state – both for profit and nonprofit – were considered for these awards. Because this ranking depends completely upon employee survey results, it is an especially heartfelt award. The staff at Our House is truly remarkable and each makes up a vital part of the Our House “Family”.

Top Workplaces

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Funding Sources

From the Executive Director

Our House Executive Director

When we observe what is becoming the norm in our world, we realize how far we’ve come in such a short period of time. To our newest generations who will grow up with a black President, watching gay couples marry, seeing miracles of the latest in technologies and medicine, it becomes the new norm. When Our House began 26 years ago during the worst of the AIDS epidemic, people with HIV had to live through unbelievable stigma and no effective treatment. People came to us to die, but to die with dignity in an environment of love and compassion. Today, the love and compassion remain the same, but the new norm involves healthcare reform and a more significant emphasis on the individual and their view of what living well means to them…with improved models of care.

Our current programs help people to live more independently and thrive as we help each of them determine what they need from us to succeed. Through our continuum of care, we can provide services as basic as nutritious monthly food boxes or much needed clothing and household goods, or as extensive as 24-hour specialized nursing care.

As we get older, and see our parents and loved ones age, we can understand the desire to maintain independence and dignity while we become increasingly dependent on others for our care. We understand that need as well as the importance of getting good, affordable health care. As we expand and improve our Neighborhood Housing and Care Program, we are more convinced than ever that this model is the future of care. In partnership with the state of Oregon (DHS), CareOregon, FamilyCare and others we are creating a more sustainable and workable model…and your contributions have been essential in its development.

We appreciate the support of all of you in the Our House “Family” – in whatever form it may take, and be assured that your investment is working effectively to create a better world, a better life for those living with HIV.

Wayne Miya
Executive Director

Our House Resident Profile: Diane

Our House Executive Director

Before I came to Our House, I would describe my recent life experience as lonely, depressed, and miserable. I was not suicidal, but I had lost interest in things I used to care about. I decided things needed to change so I made an appointment to see my doctor. She arranged for me to be evaluated by the Our House admission team and immediately things started looking up. After meeting with Kim (Director of Nursing) and Kristin (Director of Social Services), my whole life changed.

When I first walked into Our House, I was greeted with bright smiles, positive energy, and a nonjudgmental atmosphere. It is the first time I could be honest and open about my HIV status. Growing up, I was an only child, so coming to Our House has been like joining one big family.

After being here only a short time, my outlook on life completely changed. I realized that I can ask for help without feeling guilty. I learned to not be quick to judge others. I can take the time to look at the bigger picture, for me and the other residents. Now I always have someone to talk to, whether it is about a specific problem or if I just need to unload. Everyone here, from the volunteers to the housekeepers, cares about this place like it was their home.

If I were talking to a new Our House resident, I would tell her: you’re lucky, learn all you can and use it to change your life.

I am extremely grateful for my loving and supportive children, as well as my beautiful grandchildren; they keep me going! I’m a very active gardener and I love making things grow and one of my favorite getaways is the beach. When I go, I hope I’ll be remembered as being a positive person, or at least a positive shot in the arm for Our House!


Financial For period April 01, 2013 to March 31, 2014

Statement of Financial Position


Cash $81,339
Operating Reserves $1,017,253
Receivables, net $105,993
Pledges Receivables, net $112,224
Deferred Grants Receivable $1,114,661
Other Assets $24,955
Property and Equipment (net accumulated depreciation) $2,699,067
Total Assets $5,155,432


Accounts Payable $76,452
Accrued Payroll Liabilities $146,033
Deferred Grants Revenue $1,115,536
Other Current Liabilities $100,000
Total Liabilities $1,438,021

Net Assets

Unrestricted $3,709,856
Temporarily restricted $7,555
Total Net Assets $3,717,411

Total Liabilities and Net Assets $5,155,432

Statement of Activity


Resident Service Revenue $1,008,878
NHCP Revenue $287,447
Contributions, Grants & Events $1,615,796
Investment Gain $54,974
Other Revenue $16,298
Total Revenue $2,983,393


Resident Care $1,499,460
NHCP/Community Services $536,589
Administrative Services $337,888
Fundraising $577,637
Loss on Disposal of Assets $364
Total Expenses $2,951,938

Discontinued Operations

Swan House Net Resident Revenue $23,346
Swan House Resident Expenses $23,346
Deficit from Discontinued Operations $0

Net Gain $31,455


2013-14 Volunteer Hours:






Our House volunteers photo
Allison Adams
Pat and Chris Adams
George Allan
Mark Allen
Anna Allen
Rhonda Allen
Chimene Amegblenke
Nathan Anderson
Ruth Aquino-Adam
Brian Arellano
Rosalie Ayers
Zachary Baker
Joanne Barham
Anna Barnett
Laura Bauer
Kristen Bebell
Alan Bell
Lisa Benson, LMT
Tricia Bergman
Chris Bidwell
Anita Bigelow
Jacki Bloom
Linda S. Bond
Victor Boomer-Jenks
Annette Boswell
Kate Bowman
Beth and Tom Bown
Ryan Bradshaw
Richard Bradspies and Dore Everett
Rachel Brakebill
Robby Bricker
Adelaide Brown
Joshua Bryan
Jill Bryant
Robert Burnett
Dan Burns
Grant Butler
Roxanne Cady
Samantha Chess
Marian Christensen
Robert J. Cimiluca
David Clardy
Margaret Clark

Our House volunteers photo
Patricia A. Clemens
Bill Coffey
Karol Collymore
David Connella
Emily Corso
Robert Cramer and Allen Simmons
Jim Curtis
Sally Dadmun Bixby
Henry Damm
John Deyo
Joseph Doherty, LCSW, PC
Athena Dorey
Eric Dotson
Liz Dove
Carey Drumright
Tara Dublin
David Duncan
Jeremiah Dutt
Valerie Ebinger
Mandy Edwards
Blake Ellis
Ben Emlaw
Jon Ensign
Kelli Erickson
Marisa Espinoza
Sarah Ettelman
Davis Evans
Larry Evans
Robert Fairow
Sarah Falkenstein
Christine Farrell
Cynthia Faust
Lynne Field
Paul Finlay
Kathleen Fisher
Kristy Fleming
Pam Fogg
Steve Fogg
Barbara Ford
Savannah Fox
Jerry Freedman
John Fritz
Marc Gaudin
Debora Goldstein
Shannon Gray
Jo Hamilton
James Hamrick
Sue Hansen
Linda and Wallace E. Harding
Brianna Harris
Joan Harvey
Jake Harwood
Ursula Hauser
Quinton Hawks
Mark Hegarty
Cesar Higgins
Jeri Holt
Dianne Hosford
Jim and Mary Hulett
Kenneth A. Hull
Kim Hutchinson
Jonathan Irwin
James Jackman
Perry Jackman
Chelsea Jackson
Doug Jacques
Lea Jensen
Dale Johannes
Gregg Johansen
Shirley Johnson
Robert C. Johnson
Lauren Johnson
Christopher Jones
Brent Jorgenson
Nobuko Kaji
Katie Keller
Robert “RK” Kennedy
Rosa Klein
Ildi Klein
Thanh Knudson
Alan Koch
Marc Kochanski
Keith Kurtz
Mary Kay Lampert
Jessica Lankford
Joanie LaPorte
John E. LaVeille
Sue Leavy
Gerald J. Lesmeister
Jeff and Mary Lou Lewis
Diane Lieppman
Amanda Litzinger
Janice Liu
Jocelyn Lockwood
James P. Logan
Tracey Lorts
Carolyn Lumber
Robert Lusk
John Lusk
Celia Lyon
David Lyons
Gregg Macy
Gary Maffei
Kevin Martins
Michael Mase and Alan Winders
Mark Mauboules and Troy Preble
Joanne Maurice
Michael May
Ashley McClellan
Kenny McCollum
Nora McLaughlin
Ryka Melnyczenko
Julia Mendelson
Ashley Meyer
Connie Michael
Rich Miller
Sara Miller
Gay Monteverde and Lily Pirayesh-Townsend
Amanda Moore
Jeni Morgan
Sarah Morgan
David Moss
Benjamin Nason
Gary Nelson and Minh Tran
Dylan Nevin
Tabina Nguyen
Theresa Noble

Our House volunteers photo
Lynda Kennedy
Lorenzo Nombrano
Minoo Nowak
Robin O'Brien
Philip O'Connor
Janelle O'Gara
Michael O’Gara
Chris Ohman
Christopher Olson
Andrew Olson
Susan Overcast
Don Oxford
Christopher Paille
Naomi Painter
William Palmer
Gail Panzer
Anna Parker and Suzanne Mattox
Mrs. Parker
Tim Parsons
Lee Patton
Laura Pedro
Juliann Peebles
Jill Peters
Pride Financial Partners
John Radnak
Laura Ramirez
Steven Reinisch
Paulette Reischman
Robin Resnick
Ericka Rickman
Jane Riebold
Ty Roberson
Martha Rosen
Jane Rosenstein
Shannon Ross
Anthony Ryba
Phil Schlaadt
Chuck Schomaker
Jason T. Scott
Nancy Sellers
Rose Servis
Barry Shapiro

Our House volunteers photo
Chris Shauinger
Darlene Shaw
Marie Shea Kane
Cheyenne Sheehan
Gary Sheldon
Brent Shields
Kathryn Siebert
KJo Siess
Tim and Cindy Sipe
Tom Slobko
Jeffrey Smith
Schlifka Smith
Joel Snyder
Gary Speasl
Bob Speltz
Jane Spencer
Kate St. Martin
Lee Stapleton
Sandy Stapleton
Daphne Starling
Kristin Steele
Kay Steffen
Eric Steinhauser
Valerie Strickland
Michael E Stuart
Jenny Sunderland
Dave Suter
Dwight Tanner
Yoko Tanner
Spencer Thiel
Ron Thomas
Jessie Thompson
Margaret Thomson
Jason Tom
Brandee Trejo
Paul Trinchero
Shannan Troyer
Jon Tull
Robert Uhl
Dave Underriner
Megan Urban
Brian Van Horn
Joseph Vincent
Hon Walker
Marc Walters
Lisa Watson
Marc Weaver
Wendy Weaver
Max Wedding
Carol Weliky
Maureen Wernet
Jeff Wiles
Amy Williams
Michelle Wilson
Byron Windhorst
Estelle Winicki
Allison Wonderland
Rachel Yahn
Alberto Yanez
Todd Yates
Roger Yerke

Circle of Friends

Estate of Stanley W. Greenhalgh

Marc Walters

Ken & Annie Edwards
Phil Fogg, Jr.
Marc Gaudin & Janet Leigh
Al Glowasky
Robert Lusk & Christopher Bailey
Gregg Macy & Eric Steinhauser
Gary Nelson & Minh Tran

Robert Anderson
Tricia & Ron Bergman
Robert Cramer & Allen Simmons
Douglas Davault & Clark McDonald
Bill Dickey & David Wagner
Nancy & Philip Draper
John Faubion & Warren Thomas
Steve & Lisa Fogg
Mark Forney
Bill & Jane Furman
Joan & John Harvey
James & Shirley Johnson
Rex Lindaman & Celeste Henninger
Michael Mase & Alan Winders
Wayne Miya
Janet V. Nacino
Steve Neighorn
Patti Norris, M.D. & Mark Schlesinger
Piper Park & Gary Strachan
Jim Parker
Florence Rocks
Shannan & Michael Troyer
Ryan Wayman
Ron & Joyce Welch
Jeff Wiles & Susan Ayers
John Young & Steven Luft
Todd Zinda & Edward Osowski

George Allan
Philip Begani
Lamar Bryant & Ty Stober
Nancy & Harv Fleming
Pam & Doug Fogg
Rosalie Goodman
Peggy Harkins & Rindert Schutten
Calvin Harrison & Cal Sims
Amy & Tony Imkamp
Kate Janczyk Bowman & William Bowman
Terry & Kellie Jenkins
Allan Karsk & Keith Berglund
Heather Killough
Dennis Laird & John Posey
James Lindquist & Eric Sandstrom
Janice Liu & Dave Lyons
Celia Lyon & Barbara Davidson
Gary Maffei & Marc Lintner
Scott & Kathy McMullin
John McVea & Joe Lindquist
Hid & Betty Miya
Minoru Miya
Peggy Nagae
Mary Nirschl
Michael & Janelle O'Gara
John Oules & Brad Clifford

William Patton
Suzanne Keller Prideaux
Isabel Prucha
Steven Reinisch
Jack Rickli & John Dickson
Nancy Sellers
Tim & Cindy Sipe
Carl Snook
Andrew Tweedie
Dave & Barbara Underriner
Rick Watkins & Les Lewis
Randall W. Welch & Tony Tennant
Laela Wilding & Todd McMurray

Anonymous (4)
Loree Ambur
Dan Anderson & Ronald Withrow
Lisa Applegate
Nancy Babka & Michael Morgan
Emily Baker
Noah Ball & Ron Lipp
MaryAnn & Phil Barnekoff
Seth Beckerman
Jamie Beckland & Michael Pope
Paul & Bobbi Bennett
Steve Bloom & Mike Blankenship
Jenifer Boyce
Tim & Mary Boyle Charitable Trust
Allan Brabo
Wayland Bruns & Bradley Townsend
Karen & Steve Buhaly
Shenandoah Bunn
Teddi Carbonneau
Robin Castro & John Halseth
Bill Coffey & Charles Schomaker
David Cone
Darryl G. Conser
Tom Cooney & Regina Calderon
Michael Costello
Bruce J. Cronin
Jill Cuniff
Peggy & Armin Dahms
Dan DeMoy
Dave Dishman
Allen J. Draper
David Dysert & Kale Kuhman
Robert Eckert
Roger Ernst
Joan Fondell
Kara Ford
Barbara Ford
Michael Foy & Gary Boyer
Joseph & Michelle Galvan
Michael Giavanti & Kevin Goad
Scott Gillies
Shannon Haller
Gladys G. Hare Charitable Trust
Morgan Harvey
Albert Horn
Laurene & John Howell
Jacqueline Jeppe & Roger Meyer
David Jimerson
Dennis Johnson & Steven Smith
Jeff & Stacey Keyser
Rosa & Jose Klein
Erik Kotka
Anthony & Tami Laflen
David Langton
Maggie Larkin
John E. LaVeille & Jeff Payne
Dr. James Leggett MD & Alba Orsi
Deanna Lisoff
John Lusk
Leslie Mackenzie & Mickey Morey
David Magilke & Butch E. Williams
Mary Marshall
Michael Marx & Don Marshall
Jeff Miller & Will Carter
Francis Moore
Tawnie Nelson
Hillary & Brett Nicholson
Greer North
Gloria Borg Olds & Mike Olds
Martha & Casimir Pachciarz
Laura Pedro & Mike Smith
Ron Polluconi & Tad Welch
Mike Potter
David Roberts & Norm Nevers
Stanley & Madelle Rosenfeld
Marywynn Ryan
Jo Ann Schwartz
Beverly Serra-Brooks
Mick Servoss
Gary Sheldon & Doyle Forister
Barbara Short & Linda Wood
Mark Simmons & Sherie Weisenberg
Georgia & David Smith
Allen Brady & Bill Space
Bob Speltz & Dwight Adkins
Lee & Sandy Stapleton
Andrea Stapleton & Richard Bensimon
Samuel Stoddard
Mary & Ernie Swartz
Leah Swetnam
Mark Sykes
Arnie Tharp & Steve Kimball
John Tipton & Staci Tone
Karen Tosi & Robert McCullough Jr.
Robert Trotman & Bill Hetzelson
Cecil E. Wilcox Trust
Mary & Ken Unkeles
Keith Walters & Jonathan Tamez
Kate Walters
Janice & Cleve Ward
Charles Washington
Betsy Watkins & Erin Shawn
Lisa Watson & Peter Shanky
Claire & Ron Weber
Lisa & Todd Wilson
Brian Wilson
Gregory Zerwekh



Anonymous (4)
Alvin Adams
Hoyt and Sue Aden
Andrew and Liz Alvis
David J. Anderson
Dana Anderson
Michael Anderson-Nathe
Jon Andersson
Helen T. Antonis
William Apt and Grant Molsberry
James Armer
Ashkan and Michele Babaie
Leon Livengood and Zachary Baker
Dr. Thomas Barreto OD and Brian Sinclair
Roselyn and Kim Batcheller
Kurt Beadell
Paul Beal and Michael Burns
Terry Bean
Diana Bell MD
Thomas Bell
James Bomay and Donald Hartwig
Tom and Kristen Boothe
Leonard Borer
Ryan Bradshaw
Richard Bradspies and Dore Everett
Mark Brayford
Carrie and Donny Bui
Sigrid and Bob Button
Linda Campbell
Steve and Adrienne Casey
Stephen Cassell and Eric Wyatt
Donna Cassidy
Pamela Church and Bud Bedell
Mark Clift and Jeff Knapp
Miguel Cobian
Paul Cofer and David Olsgard
Barbara "Bobby" Cohn
Annegret and Patrick Collier
Barbara Connelly Bruch and Bruce Connelly
Scott Cooley and Kevin Reedy
Cheryl and Jim Coon
Robert Cowman and John Eichhorn
Stuart Cox and Richard Gerstl
Konnie and Stewart Dadmun
Sally Dadmun Bixby and Denny Bixby
Jacqueline Davais
Melanie Diamond
Dana Director and Aaron Munter
Leigh and Leslie Dolin
Dan and Sallie Dutton
Alicia Earnest
George Eighmey and Peter Livingston
Blake Ellis
Daniel Evans
Ted Fettig and Kregg Arntson
Paul Finlay
Kathleen Fisher
Alan Ford and Jayce Sampson
Art Fortuna and Luisa Zini
Greg Franklin
Marc Franklin
Charles Frasier and Rick Taylor
Michael Fredrickson and Hugh Donnelly
Edward and Ann Galen
Andy Gallagher
Sidney Galton
Brigitte Gentner
Wayne and Carol Gladwin
Vickie Gray and Darin Briskman
Phoenix Greenman and Jack Harvey
Alyssa and Michael Hanada
Frances Hanckel
Linda and Wallace E. Harding
Sue Harvey
Kristi Hauke
Paul Hayes and Harry Ross
Laura and Jacob Heilman
Mary Ann Herman
John Higgins
Daniel Hinman and Shelby Cass Jr.
Jeri and Tony Holt
Heide and Tom Island
Sally Jepson
Liza Kamps
Robert Kennedy
Tony Kopki
Pat Lanagan
Walter Lander and Kit Tong Ng
Allison Leak
Brenda M. Lefebvre
Caela Levy and Elizabeth McCabe
David Liddle
Carole Lintner
Liz and David Lippoff
Richard Long and Len Taruscio
Ted Mahar
Randy Mannen and Darryl Saunders
Innie Marshall
Robert Merck
Ron Milligan and Will Hartzo
Inna Mladenovic
Laurel Montes
Martin Muller
Bill Murray
Barney and Lida O'Donnell
Jon Palanuk
Gail and Fred Panzer
Mike Patterson
Barkley Payne and Leland Couchman
Mark Pfrommer
David Pollock and Roger Tavarez
Scott Potter
Bruce Ramseyer
Marjorie Reeves
Beth and Martin Reeves
Kim Rich
Janet Roberts and Ed Clark
Nancy Rohde and Mark Adams
Kent Rudisill
Sarah Ryan and Douglas Larson
Michael S. Ryan and Jason Russon
Peter Sargent
Linda Scher and Mike Riley
Elwin Schwab
Leonard and Elayne Shapiro
Kathy Shields-Roeter and Dick Roeter
Brian Smith
Sonja Spitznagel
Joyce St. Arnaud and Joel Kay
Eric Stephens and Wally Barnes
Carol and Don Sterkel
Samantha Swaim and Kristin Steele
Wendy Thacher and Kristy Koebke
Pamela Town and VeAnna Morgan
Jacqueline Trahin
Robert Trexler
Carol and Tom Tucker
Brenda Tuley
Glen Ulmer and Marcelo Santibanez
Tony and Bianca Urdes
James Vegher and John Grigsby
Marie Vermeer
Beth Welty
Blain and Teresa West
Paula and Morris Westlund
Amy Williams
Jacqueline and Jacques Yerby
Peter and Merlene York


Anonymous (5)
Sherry Adams and Dona Gaertner
Joey Alcarez
Jessica Alexander
Brian and Joan Allen
Oscar Arana
Carolyn and Morry Arntson
Patty and Scott Baird
John E. Baker
Pat and Daniel Baker
Gwenn Baldwin
John Barrington and Patty Barrington
Mary Jo and Jim Bartels
Karen and Craig Barton
David Beacham
David Behrend
Jim and Cheryl Bell
Dale Boss and Bob Mensel
Claire Bozlee
Buzz Braley
Katie Breene and Scott Korn
Travis Bridges and Darren Cooper
Eric Brown
Carol Burgdorf-Lackes
Roxanne Cady
Ann and Frank Caingcoy
Medina Cardona
Jacqueline Chandler
David Chien
Anne and Robert Chudek
Jason Clark
Nancy Cobb
Karol Collymore
Richard Colman
Dr. Kate Commerford
Kent A. Copeland
George Cummings
Tracy Curtis and Rick Nagore
Shannon Daviess
Katherine and Zach De la Forest
Roberto and Suzanna Decastro
Paul DenOuden and James Moore
Joan Deroko
Michele and Michael Dewitz
Usher Financial
Gaby Donnell
Liz Dove and Andrea Floyd
Kristie Duyckinck
Barbara and Robert Edstrom
June and Rob Edwards
Alisa Eicher
Doug Elwood and David Dotlich
Craig and Jill Engle
Sean Moore and Joseph Eustaquio
Steve Fields and Sims Brannon
Nick Fish
Kristin Forcier
Tom Ford and Donna Ford
Charles Foss
Karen and Skip Freedman
Thomas Friend
Gwyneth Gamble Booth
Joseph and Jenny Gilhooly
Ellie Godfrey
Corie and Ed Gosse
Steven J. Graff and Janice M. Swanson
Jonathan and Tatiana Graham
Francene and Timothy Grewe
Carol Grier
Tom Gugg
Jeffrey Gumer
Pamela Halstead
James Hamrick
Gabriele Hayden
Janice Haymond and Ian D. Mac Donald
Michelle and Richard Helzer
Katherine Henry and Luke McKinnon
Barbara and James Herbold
Sharon Hering
Jean and Jim Hernandez
Jeffrey Horvitz
Merrilee and Marty Howard
Kathleen Howe-Drysdale
Gary Hutton
Kevin Irving
Jose Javier and Steve Strode
James Johnson
Shirley and Don Johnson
Marie Jordan and Jeffrey Wooliver
Brenda and Jim Kehoe
Michael Knapp and Lia Saroyan
Allen Knecht and Andrew Fletcher
Dave Knox
Alan Koch
Kevin Kraus
Sheri and Jamie LaFlamme
Donna Larson
Richard Lawson
Frank and Nancy Leone
Jennie Leslie
Marion Levitan
Dana and Mark Lloyd
Dave Lofland and Zach Stepp
Sandy and Jim Long
Laurie Lundy-Ekman and Andrew Ekman
John and Pat Maclean
Michael MacVeigh
Mike Marshall and Rob Walker
Sigfredo Martinez
Judy and Bob McDermott
James McDonald and Johnny Walker
Kim McGuire
Nancy and Martin McLain
Kathy and Greg Melcher
Merry and John Melonas
Janet Meyer
Kim Hutchins Millar and Family
Sue Millar
Dick and Ann Miller
Jim Miller
Rex Mitchell
Daniel and Kristie Mitten
Yukio and Shigemi Miya
Jeffrey J. Morgan
Polly Dubois and Richard Moyer
Elizabeth and Majd Naciri
Jonathan Nguyen
David and Ranata Niederloh
Richard O'Brien
Peggy and Jim Oliver
Angela Othersen and Jennifer Brault
Walter Padgett
Rod Patterson
Gale Perlas
Karen Petersen
Elizabeth Picologlou
Flicka Pliska
D. Dustin Posner and Ron Doughten
Dick and Wendy Rahm
Laura and Martin Ramirez
Judith Rees
Chris and Cheryl Reinisch
Ericka Rickman
Robert and Kelly Rivera
Kathryn Rouine-Rapp and Joseph Rapp
Cara Rozell
Jeannine Rustad and Rahul Ravel
Robert Sanvitale
Heather Schermerhorn
Virginia Scott
Dustin Shanky and Reid Decker
Melissa Shiffer
Rick Shory
Totem Shriver
Brian P. Sikora
Norman Simpson and Marleen Tulas
Jennifer Sobolewski
Phil Sparks and Trevor Scott
Valerie Spielman
Sallye Stauber
Helen and Kathryn Stewart
Tracy Stewart
Tammy Swick
Pamela Tatom
Ron Thomas
Lyndia Thomas
Brian Thompson and Bob Baskette
Herbert Trubo and Steve Buchert
Jerry Trussell and Craig W. Cole
Paul Tucker and Blake Walter
Darlene Tyler
Jacques and Mary Vaillancourt
Viki and Ed Waite
Bruce Wakefield and Jerry Grossnickle
Perry and Kristie Walker
Scott Weaver and Curvin Carbaugh
Johnna Wells and Scott Conger
Bonnie Werther
Cynthia Whitcomb
Sherrie Wolf and Peter Lovely
Cathi Woodruff
Abby Wool Landon and Richard Stark
Brad Wulf
Patricia J. Young
Greg Zarelli and John Bush
Rob Zeiser and Butchy Janik
Nancy Zieg


Anonymous (15)
Lisa Aasheim
Betty and Jerry Abeles
Mary and Scot Abplanalp
Karen E. Adams
Nancy Adams
Kathryn and Thomas Albert
Julio Aleman
Mary T. Alexander
Mary Louise Altstadt
Kathleen Anamosa
Arthur R. Anderson
Ben and Michael Anderson-Nathe
Marg and Harry Anderton
Cheryl and Harley Aoki
Nicholas Apap
Ruth Aquino-Adam
Joe Auer
Sherrie Austin and Leslie Block
Art Averett
Pam Avila
Richard Bach and Virginia Burney
Daniel Baker
Richard Baroway
Robert Barricks
Nicholas Baulne
Carol Beauchamp Gredvig and Scott Gredvig
Stephen M. Beaudoin
Byron Beck and Juan Martinez
Bill and Nancy Bennetts
Richard Benson
Susan W. Berg
Mark Bergman
Brenda Berning
Susan Bexton
Sharon Bierut
Rhea Bishop
Jennifer Bishop
Michael Bonner and Jeff Pera
James Boone and Joseph Bucuzzo
Barry A. Boring and Elizabeth A. Batchelder-Boring
Margaret Botts
Dan Braget
John Brams
Carol Brandt
Bernadette Breu
Ross Bridge
Ruth Brodeur
Doris Brouhard
Margaret Bryant
Robert C. Byrne
Chelsea Cain
Jonathan Carder and Monique Baillargeon
Brian Carr
Pete and Sue Carr
Brenda Casey
Belsai Castle
Roberta E. Champion
Stephen Chaney
Elizabeth Christensen and Richard Rodriguez
Arlene Clanton
Anne Clark
James Clark
Barbara and Chris Cochran
Deretha and Gene Coupe
Janet and Bill Craswell
Megan and Gavin Crowley
Marcia Darm and Bruce Berning
Nancy Davis
Linda and Howard Davis
Celine Davis
Joy and Brian D. Davis
Mary Desser
Susan Devers
George Dewhurst
Cynthia Doak
Joseph Doherty, LCSW, PC
Michael Dollowitch
Athena Dorey
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Douglass
Lee Drucker and Judith Pullian
Amy Dundon
Barbara Dunn
Jill Duren
Joyce R. and David E. Durham
Michael Duvall
Irene Dynes
Kathleen Emmerson
John and Jane Emrick
Alan and Penny Engelsman
Marilyn and Edward Epstein
Arthur and Margie Erickson
Barbara K. Erlich
William Evans
Jean Eves
Scott Ewers
Melanie Farnsworth
Hector Feliciano
Sarah Felix and Sue Fry
Margaret Feller
Kristy Fleming and Alice Alleman
Cindy and Doug Force
Ray A. France
Randy and Barbara Fraser
Janice Friedli
Douglas Friend
Alison Frye
Wayne Fuller
Allie Fuller
Lori Gaffney
Russ Gage
Michelle Gander
Jesse Gault
Debbi and Hassan Gazarine
Jean-Francois Genay and Jay Beatty
Glen and Karen George
Ken and Cecelia Giese
Marsha S. Goldberg
Debora Goldstein
Mary and Chris Goldthorpe
Robert Goman
Joanne and George Gornick
Tom Gory
Ginny Gray
Ken Guappone and Gary Wilson
Tommy Gworek and Matt Willaims
Annette Hadaway
Cheryl Hail
Margaret and William Hakim
James and Linda Haldors
Madelyn G. Hall
Loren and Abigail Hall
Kirk Hall and Lisa Shara Hall
Jeff Halsey
Lourri Hammack
Fred and Amelia Hard
Amelie Hastie
Daniel Hebert
Gene Helser and Clifford Burns
Willa Hendrickson
Angela Hendrix
Roxanne Hill
Phillip Hillaire
William Hinkly
Tonya Hobbs
Robert Hogg
Katherine Holder
Jonathan Hopp and David Connella
Larry Hornick
Jackson Howa and Jacob Morrow
C. Scott Howard and Lucy Kivel
Shaley Howard
Amanda and Steve Hoyt-McBeth
Timothy Huff
Brooke Hunter
Amy Hyatt
Megan Iwami
Sally A. James
Gerald Jeli
Dale and Chan Johannes
Donald K. Johnson and Robin E. Pope
Mark and Theresa Jones
Charley Jones
Judge Kemp and Eric Schnell
Jeanne Kennedy
Sally Kenney
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Mark McAuliffe and Jamie Brown
Barbara and Sandra McCullough-Jones
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Greg Meyer
Curtis M. Meyers
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Lynn Moran
Dian and Jack Morby
Gregg Moreland
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Dr. Eduardo Mulero
Greg Murphy
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Caroline Peterson
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Joseph Pinelli
Milton Ploeg
Virginia Polits
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Naomi and Steven Price
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Richard and Mary Rosenberg Charitable Foundation
Dr. Jay Rosenbloom
Alan Ross and Irene Ross
Steve and Jane Rossi
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Kathy and Richard Sabel
edd samuelson
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John Sarr
Scott Sarver and Tom Swafford
Kathryn and Justin Schaefer
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Under $100

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Tim and Rhonda Ackman
Adam Aguilera
Ali Al Sahaf
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John Ashton and Marie Ashton
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Linda and Harry Backeberg
Robert B. Bailey and Marla J. McNary
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Walter Cole and Roc Neuhardt
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Melanie Davis and Gabriela Kandziora
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Roger Yerke

Legacy Society

Anonymous (2)
Sherry Adams & Dona Gaertner
Kurt Beadell
Terry Bean
Tricia & Ron Bergman
N. Lane Bernier
Sally Dadmun Bixby & Denny Bixby
Steve Bloom & Mike Blankenship
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Leonard & Elayne Shapiro
Kathryn Siebert
Georgia & David Smith
Charles Thompson & Cecil Wilcox
Robert Trotman & Bill Hetzelson
Kay Van Patten
Marc Walters
Jeff Wiles & Susan Ayers


Public Sources

Dept. of Housing and Urban Development
State of Oregon Dept. of Human Services
State of Oregon Dept. of Human Services Innovation Grant



Community Partners/In–kind Food Donations

Campbell Community Gardens
Gabriel Bakery
New Seasons Market Hawthorne
New Seasons Market Mountain Park
The Pongo Fund
Providence Milwaukie Hospital
Whole Foods Laurelhurst

$50,000 and above

Providence Health & Services


Walmart Foundation


Alder Associates LLC
Equity Foundation
The Donald N. McGregor Foundation
FamilyCare, Inc.
Imperial Sovereign Court of the Willamette
Macy’s Passport Grant Fund
Marquis Companies
Nordstrom, Inc.
Ray Hickey Foundation
The Standard
Vibrant Table Catering & Events
Wells Fargo


Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, Inc.
Cascade AIDS Project
Columbia Collection Service, Inc.
The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation
The Greenbrier Companies
Hawthorne Property Management
Henry Lea Hillman, Jr. Foundation
The Jackson Foundation
KeyBank Foundation
Michael Allen’s Clothier
MillerCoors, LLC
Morel Ink
Oneatta Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
PGE Foundation
Rothert Insurance
The TJX Foundation, Inc.
Wheeler Foundation


Alaska Airlines
Apex Pharmacy
Art of Catering
Autzen Foundation
Carleton Hart Architecture
Janssen Products, LP
KeyBank of Oregon
Portland Center Stage
Rose E. Tucker Charitable Trust
Willamette International Travel


Ameriprise Financial Employee Matching Gift Program
Azumano Travel
Barran Liebman LLP
Boeing Portland, Employees Community Fund of
Chefstabe-Lardo DT LLC
Combined Federal Campaign
Crown Paella
Cupcake Jones
Ellis Northwest LLC
Faubion Associates
Finley-Sunset Hills Funeral Home & Memorial Park
Harder Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
Harold & Arlene Schnitzer CARE Foundation
The Heathman Hotel
Imperial Sovereign Rose Court of Oregon
Magaurn Video Productions
Multnomah County Health Department
NIKE Employee Matching Gift Program
North, Inc.
Omega Funeral and Cremation Service
Pernod Ricard USA LLC
Pride Financial Partners
Provvista Specialty Foods
Ruby Red Flippers
Silva Watson Moonwalk Fund
The Sonnenalp Hotel
ThInK tAnK $tUdIo$
Travel Portland
Trinity Episcopal Cathedral
The Westin Tokyo
Zidell Family Foundation


Anonymous (2)
Alvis Chiropractic
Aria Resort & Casino
Benefit Auctions 360
Campbell Salgado Studio
Coast Cabins
Evolution Expeditions
Eyes on Broadway
Lonesomeville Pottery
Mitchell Wine Group
Nautilus, Inc.
The Order of Benevolent Bliss
Portland Leather Alliance
Portland Saturday Market
Southwest Airlines
Spirit Airlines
Steve Madden, Ltd
Virgin America
West Coast Event Productions
Windermere Foundation

Under $500

Academy Theatre
Alameda Brew House
Artists Repertory Theatre
Balloons on Broadway
Barbara Goetze Interior Design
BASE Entertainment
Beagle, Burke & Associates
Bernie’s Lounge and Supper Club
Biwa Restaurant
Bling Dental
Blossoming Lotus
Bridge City Comics
Broadway Rose Theatre Company
Burnt Bridge Cellars
Cambia Employee Giving Campaign
Charles Schwab Foundation
The Children’s Garden Learning Center
Christ United Methodist Women
Christopher David Experience Design
Class Cooking and Catering
Courtyard by Marriott Portland City Center
Crystal Heart Bookstore
Darcelle XV Showplace
DEPARTURE Restaurant
Elk Cove Vineyards
Estelle Imports
Everywomen’s Health
Float On
Froelick Gallery
Gentle Yoga for People with M.S.
Google Matching Gifts Program
Green Bean Books
Hawks PDX
Hewlett-Packard Company
Hilton Portland & Executive Tower
Hip Chicks Do Wine
Hobo’s Restaurant & Lounge
IBM International Foundation
JP Morgan Chase Corporate Accounts Payable
JPMorgan Chase Foundation Matching Gift & Volunteer Grant Pr
Key Private Bank
Kohnstamm Family Foundation
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Mad Science of Portland & Vancouver
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Mississippi Studios
Mother’s Bistro & Bar
Museum of Contemporary Craft
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ooh la-la de Paris Eyewear
Oregon Bach Festival
Oregon Ballet Theatre
The Oregon Bears
Oregon Symphony
Paley’s Place
The Party Place
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Peet’s Coffee
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Portland Monthly
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Portland Trail Blazers
Portland’s White House LLC
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Rock Paper Scissors Salon
Rose City Mortgage
Silk Vietnamese Restaurant & Bar
Skin By Marywynn
Starky’s Restaurant and Bar
The Sweethearts of Portland
Tails & Trotters
Third Rail Repertory Theatre
Thomson Reuters
220 Salon
Toro Bravo
Triangle Productions
Triple 3 Enterprises
U.S. Bank Foundation EMGP
Ugly Dress Party
Umpqua Bank
The Veritable Quandary
White Bird
Wilshire United Methodist Women
WinCo Foods Portland Open
World Duty Free Group PDX
Zell’s Cafe

Our Services

Our House provides a continuum of services in the treatment of HIV/AIDS.

The Our House team works with people with advanced HIV/AIDS who are having difficulty managing independent living. We tailor services for each individual that defines what “living well” means to them.

Our services are provided through the following programs:

Our House logo

Our House

Since 1988, Our House has provided residential care services for people with HIV/AIDS. Often residents regain their health and become independent enough to be discharged. Residents work with skilled professionals in nursing, social work and occupational therapy. Although we do provide end of life care, our services have been expanded to continue to meet the ever changing needs of people living longer with HIV/AIDS.

Learn more about Our House…

NHCP logo

Neighborhood Housing & Care Program (NHCP)

NHCP provides housing and in-home services including nursing, social work and occupational therapy to people living with HIV/AIDS. Created by the Our House team, this program supports and encourages independent living in a safe, stable and healthy environment.

Learn more about NHCP…

Esther's Pantry logo

Esther’s Pantry

Esther’s Pantry provides supplemental food and personal care items to people living with HIV/AIDS. A vital community program, Esther’s Pantry has served thousands of people over its 28 year history. Much of the food we receive at Esther’s Pantry comes from local grocery stores and community food drives. Donations received through our drop sites go directly to individuals and families in our community who are living with HIV/AIDS.

Learn more about Esther’s Pantry…

Tod's Corner logo

Tod’s Corner

Tod’s Corner provides clothing and household items to people living with HIV/AIDS. Additional services include basic veterinary care for companion pets, medical equipment, cremations, and other case–by–case needs.

Learn more about Tod’s Corner…

Board of Directors

Nancy Sellers

Tricia Bergman

Laura Pedro

Robert Lusk, M.D.

Steve Fogg

Quinton Hawks
Rosa Klein
John LaVeille
Celia Lyon
Gary Maffei
Gary Nelson
Steven Reinisch
Bob Speltz
Minh Tran
Dave Underriner
Marc Walters
Jeff Wiles

Council of Trustees

Pam Fogg
Carolyn Lumber
Gary Maffei
Governor Barbara Roberts


Our House staff photo
Troy Alexander
Nikki Anderson
Douglas Barzoloski
Kay Bateman
Kristen Bebell
Jaclyn Bloom
Victor Boomer-Jenks
Allen Brady
Nathan Buck
Jennifer Burgraff
Roxanne Cady
Samantha Chess
Taiga Christie
Carmen Corbin
Dennis Dentoni
Athena Dorey
Gwen Dunham
Karen Duran
Tracy Edinger
Brandon Eno
Kristy Fleming
Ryan Gobel
Phoenix Greenman
Paul Groendes
Bettye Gulman
Meagan Hansen
Sue Hansen
Marcia Hardy
Oliver Hayes
Holly Herrera
Kim Hutchinson
Trevis Hutsell
Jonathan Irwin
Sarah Jane
Gwyn Jones
Donald Kahapea
Kevina Kemp
Joanie LaPorte
Lori-Ann Lima
James Lindquist
Elaine Manley
Innie Marshall
Lucas May
Erin McNamara
Wayne Miya
Amanda Moore
Our House staff photo
Dorothy Moose
Jessica Oleksy
John Oules
Pam Pavilonis
Amanda Penner
Melanie Potter
Ericka Rickman
Aric Riley
Kristin Riley
Lynsley Rollins
Miranda Rossetto
Virginia Scott
Kathryn Siebert
Kristin Jo Siess
Jane Spencer
Yoko Tanner
Andrew Tweedie
Tinder Warshaw
Ezra Whitman
Kevin Williams

© 2014, Our House